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The other Weird Al

Aeron Lanart is my pen name, picked out when I first started writing from a couple of novels; the initials also form one of my nics in RL, Al (at work I'm known as weird Al). At that time I didn't know that Aeron was a) A River in Wales and b) A boys name. I'm only 1/8 Welsh, and I'm certainly no boy! Still, I'm used to it now so it ain't changing!

I'm interested in, and have opinions on, just about everything but I prefer to discuss differing viewpoints with people in a rational manner rather than indiscriminately slag people off for not having the same ideas and beliefs as me. This goes for everything in my life, fandom related and otherwise. I'm a goth, and have been for years, so I'm used to facing up to the harsh reality of some people's opinions on anything that is different.

This journal was set up primarily for me to post any fanfic that I wrote, and also for browsing fanfic communities, but I'm now pretty much using it for general waffle and rambling about plot bunnies as well as actually posting fic. I've been reading/writing fanfic off and on for over 10 years, and you can catch a lot of my older stuff at my AO3 archive. I don't have a friending policy as such; if you want to friend me then go ahead. I may not friend you back, particularly if you have an empty journal or it is written in a language I don't understand, but don't take it personally as often I just forget! If you are friending me for fic purposes only, all the stories I post are tagged 'fic' to make life easier, and the tags list is on my sidebar. That way you don't have to wade through my babble and memes and other such things.

My lovely Ninth Doctor layout is by the wonderful mad_jaks


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